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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Top Ten: The Library!

Adelanto Branch Library
(it looks a little different now from when I was growing up.
It has been remodeled since I was a kid but still brings back great memories)

Why I LOVE My Local Library.

(and all libraries)

1. Promotes Reading Habit. Reading is so important in our lives. We read to learn, we read to grow and we read to entertain our selves. Reading is an enriching habit. The library is a vast reservoir of knowledge that encourages us to read. Sit in a library and you can’t help but read!

2. References for School/College. The library carries a large number of reference books that provide information for just about every subject a student needs to better understand the concepts in their curriculum. The in depth information found in these reference books aid in the process of education. I was often able to check out college textbooks which was great since books were and still are expensive!

3. Fun and Entertaining. Along with books of every hook and flavor in the non-fiction department, libraries contain a large variety of fiction genres that will appeal to just about the pickiest reader. They also have movies, music CDs, documentaries, computers and Internet access. A kid can get lost in their imagination with all the available material at their disposal; I sure did growing up in the library! J

4. Resourceful. Yes it is true; libraries are a great place to find resources. From information on how to file taxes, or researching a country or landmark, to writing your class report, or even a Do-It-Yourself guide to building your own burrito, your local library has everything you need at your fingertip. But I think librarians are a library’s greatest resource. They are truly our friends. Librarians help you find what you need, when you need it and will go the extra mile to make sure you get the book or resource you need.

5. Information Resources. The library has a great collection of dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps, journals, catalogues and reference material, that are extensive sources of accurate and reliable facts and information.

6. Has something for everyone. I love the variety of activities offered for children and adults. Author readings, career workshops, story time, book groups & clubs and more, the library offers something for everyone. The summer reading program was always a hit at my local library!

7. Free Books! Lets face it books can become an expensive habit for an avid reader. The library is a great way to satisfy book lovers reading obsession without breaking the budget. J

8. Community Services. Almost every library offers a variety of workshops, literacy programs, career development, homework assistance, tutoring, and meeting/study rooms.

9. Quiet Place of Peace. The whole reading atmosphere the library embodies is what makes it a great place to pause, kick back and relax in the vast world of books. In most libraries, you can hear a pin drop. It is also a great opportunity for training young children to behave calmly, to sit quietly for an extended period of time by offering cozy areas to read and fun entertaining reading material.

10. Brings Back Fond Childhood Memories!! J I had so much fun as a child growing up in the library. Reading books was not the only thing I did, I learned how a library works, how to research, use the library computers, type, shelve books, check out books, check in books, volunteered for the summer reading program as well as participated in them. The library is truly a learning and growing experience every child should have.

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Anonymous said...

wow,your library does sound great.
Well,the libraries I have come by,haven't been that great.


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