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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blog treasures

Thanks to a wonderful blogger and future book author, Heather McCorkle (I'm so waiting for her story, "To Ride a Puca" to find a home in the publishing industry) who shared this most excellent genre link. I am always confused when it comes to assigning my stories a genre. But now, all my worries are gone. Here is a fab-tabulous link to a website called, "Book Country," their genre map describes each genre and sub-genres within each category. They even give examples of authors who exemplify the genre. Definitely check out the site, it is very informational.

Here is another bit of treasure I found as well. This blog Confessions of Suite 500 offers what they call First Page Shooter. The authors critique the first 250 words of fiction manuscripts (middle grade to adult, all genres). Be sure to check their How it Works post and the Directions post before you submit your first 250 words.

Good luck! & Happy Writing!


Karen Strong said...

Heather is fabulous isn't she? How did I miss this link?! It's awesome!

Thanks for posting. Very informative!

Anonymous said...

Love these links!Thanks!


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