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Monday, May 30, 2011

A Story in Every Song

I would like to think that musicians are every bit like writers. They have a story to tell in their music. Every song has it's tale. I like to hear these pieces, especially the ones with no words and try to hear and feel the story the musician is trying to tell. I have recently been listening to an instrumental track where the artist is using an Armenian Duduk. Listen to the video then read my interpretation. :) I would love to hear your interpretation of this song as well! :D

This is a sad story, one that ends with uncertainty. It is a story of two hearts who desire unity but destined to be torn apart. The heart of the past and the heart of the future. The past, dark cold and empty, and the future, bright warm and full of life, has so much to gain in their relationship. With the knowledge which the past possess, the future has the opportunity to be better, to have a greater quality of life. With the future, the past the ability to right wrongs, have a second chance to live and grow from its mistakes. But these two hearts can not exist together. They are destined to be separate, longing for each others embrace, an eternal marriage. But, perhaps, not all is lost on this doomed couple. Perhaps their story is not over. They have one thing in common, one thing that links them together forever, one thing that can never change. They have the present. The present will keep these to hearts joined together until the day comes when there is no past, present or future.

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