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Monday, May 30, 2011

In the News: I Inspire, inc

I recently came across this wonderful site called I Inspire, inc. What a wonderful cause to support! Reading to children is a must in my book, reading to children who are ill is a greater must. Check out the I Inspire page and show your support in bringing comfort, inspiration and empowerment to children. "Like" the page and send in donations. With your help and support, this organization and its volunteers will reach the hearts of many sick and/or hospitalized children.

Here is some general information taken from their facebook page: I Inspire, inc. is a U.S. based nonprofit that uses the arts to soothe hearts and inspire minds. Our signature program is "I Inspire Hearts™" where community volunteers read stories to children in hospitals using iPads. This aids in the mental and emotional health of children helping to make a rather antiseptic environment more warm and comforting to them.

Their mission is to use the Arts as a unifying tool that comforts children, enhances personal development, brings people together, raises social awareness, builds understanding across communities and inspires people to think, create, share, collaborate and volunteer for positive change.

For more information contact:

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