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Sunday, May 1, 2011

If Walls Could Talk

Image by Jorge Jacinto. Taken from this site

There is an old earthling saying, “If walls could talk, the tales they would tell.” We were built millennia ago by space faring earthlings escaping the inhumanity of their race and searching for a new place to call home. Every brick, bolt, and steel bulkhead used to construct us embodied their hopes and dreams of a new start. Little did they know they also entrenched us with lies, deception and treachery of their past. We were naught but objects to protect them from the harsh elements and wild creatures and centuries later, their own injustices. We were walls of secrecy, walls of deception. The earthlings hid nothing from us; breathing a life in us they could never fathom. But we were more than just mere walls of their fashion and desires. We were sentient, brought to life by their greed and treachery. We were watching; we were listening; we were recording; we were historical eyewitnesses of the last of the human race. They are gone now, destroyed by their own hands, a fate they desperately tried to escape a millennia ago. We are now free to tell their tales, tales locked away in the walls of our being. We are the walls of Earthen, come witness the death of humanity.

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