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This blog is my diary of works in progress. The only way a writer can improve upon her skill is to practice, practice and practice some more. Here, in this place of quiet peace, I pen to paper my thoughts and creativity. Welcome to my world.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nanowrimo summary

So this month has been a learning experience for me, never thought I could write a really long story! As of today, I'm not yet at my 50,000 word goal but I'm getting there insha Allah! :) It has been fun, real fun I have to admit :D I'm attached to most of my characters, all except for one who I think is going to betray the crew of the Umati. there is also this very ominous presence following the crew, i'm not sure who it is, whether they are friend or foe, or why they are following the Umati. So i'm excited to get on with the story and see how it pans out!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Practice Writing: a trouble resulting from doing a good deed.

Maleeka loves to help! She helps her mother wash the clothes. She helps her father clean the garage. She helps her older brother drive the lawn mower. She helps her little sister tie her shoes. She helps take care of her kitty, Mumu. Maleeka loves to help.

One day, Maleeka and her family decide to drive all the way to Atlanta, Georgia to visit her grandparents. They pile their luggage into the car. Maleeka helps her mother pack the food basket. She helps her father carry the food basket to the car. To help her brother, she lets her little sister help pack the travel pack full of books, games and activities. She even decides to bring along her kitty, Mumu, so she would not get so lonely while they were away, though she forgot to ask her parents.

Maleeka then helps her father go over their traveling check list: Luggage? Check! Food basket? Check! Pillows and snuggies? Check! Movies and activities? Check! Camera? Check! Full tank of gas? Check! Now where did I put my traveling sun glasses? Silly daddy! its on your head. Check! They are all set to go.

Along the way, they see beautiful things! But daddy can't see because he is driving. Maleeka wants him to remember everything from their trip, so, she decides to take pictures with his camera, though, she forgot to ask him. She sees a cloud that looks like a bunny. Click. She sees a tree that's shaped like an elephant. Click. Her little sister makes a funny face. Click. Maleeka sees so many things from the back seat of the station wagon. Click. Click. "Meow."

"What was that?" daddy asks. "meow, meow." Is that a cat?" her mama asks. "MEOW!" "What is that smell? her brother asks. Daddy pulls over. Mama checks the car. "It's Mumu," her little sister shouts. Mumu pokes her head out of a basket. "What?" yells daddy. "How?" asks mama. Maleeka's brother holds up his jersey, "Gross! Mumu went on my favorite jersey!!" Maleeka sits quietly, her eyes big as golf balls. Everyone looks at Maleeka. "Did you bring her?" her father asks. "What were you thinking?" her mother asks. "You are so going to clean this!" her brother says. "She would have been all by herself," Maleeka says meekly, "I didn't want her to be sad and all alone."

Her daddy, sighs and her mama smiles, her brother simply rolls his eyes. "You should have known better Maleeka to bring Mumu with out asking, but since she is here, lets find a box to keep her in." Maleeka helps find a box. Maleeka helps clean the car. Maleeka helps clean her brother's jersey. They are all set to go, again. "Let's take a family picture to remember this." mama suggests. "Good idea," daddy says. "Whatever," her brother growls. "Yay," her little sister claps. "Ummm, " Maleeka says. The batteries in the camera are dead, she forgot to turn off the camera. "Maleeeeekaaaa!"

Friday, October 16, 2009

Practice Writing: The Worst Visitor to Darken Your Door

The Noisy Guest

All was quiet in the teeny tiny house. Snow fell gently on the window paneKitty cat purred in little brother's lap, while puppy dog laid snuggled on a pillow with little sister. Mama hummed softly, rocking to and fro as papa stoked the fireplace. Crackle crackle, whispered the fireplace. Hum hum sang Mama. Purr Purr went kitty cat. The house was quiet. 

Scratch Scratch Scratch came a sound at the door. Shuffle shuffle shuffle, went feet across the porch. Boom, Bang Crash! Little brother jumped, little sister hid, kitty cat hissed and puppy dog barked. Mama peeked through the window, Papa opened the door. Who was making all that noise. In the dark, snowy night, two shiny eyes looked up at Papa, a mama racoon stared back. "She looks tired," said little sister. "She looks hungry," said little brother. "She's going to have babies," said Mama. "Hiss, hiss," said kitty cat. "Bark, bark," said puppy dog. "I agree," said Papa, but he let her in anyway. 

The snow melts and the sun shines. Little brother plays in a tree, little sister picks flowers, kitty cat chases birds, puppy dog buries a bone, Mama waters the garden and Papa cleans the shed. But Mama racoon and her little ones go "boom bang crash!" Sigh. Why did mama racoon have to find our door!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Class practice writings: Betsy and Doger

Practice one: Betsy and Doger

"Hurry up, we're late! Help me get those hippos into the truck, they need to be at the zoo in an hour and a half," the old man shouted to his grandson. Clack. Clack. Clack. There was a strange noise under the hood. The young driver walked over to check it out but the old vet shouted again, "hurry up, Betsy is starting to stir, we got to get her into the truck before her sedative wears off."

The young driver left the clacking sounds and rushed over to help haul over the huge sleeping hippo into the truck. Once Betsy was loaded, they put Doger's cage in next. The two men jumped into the truck and drove off not once thinking of the clacking sounds under the hood, but then no one could with all the heavy construction at the Catholic school and heavy traffic The old vet began to fuss about the time and the crowded streets. "If we don't get there in time, I will lose my job for good this time. I don't think they will let it go, not like the time I lost the chinese panda and accidently left the african ostrich on the sidewalk. He shook his head.

The young man began to sweat. "We got to hurry," the vet insisted. Suddenly, they hit a pot hole in the road, they heard a loud thump. The truck stalled and would not start . The young many jumped out the truck and looked under the hood. The belt had snapped. It took the man 30 minutes to fix the it. Just as he was about to close the hood, they heard screams and honking from the street. The cages were empty! Betsy and Doger were running through the parking lot of the Catholic School.

Friday, October 2, 2009

When baby has a bad day...

When baby has a bad day,

he fusses and he cries.

When baby has a bad day,

he needs lots of hugs.

When baby has a bad day,

he tosses and he falls.

When baby has a bad day,

he needs a shoulder to lay on.

When baby has a bad day,

he pushes and he bites.

When baby has a bad day,

he needs quiet time alone.

When baby has a bad day,

he has a hard time sharing with friends.

When baby has a bad day,

he needs a fluffy friend to hold.

When baby has a bad day,

he is cranky and  he is tired.

When baby has a bad day,

he needs a soft bed and a gently kiss

When baby has a bad day and nothing goes his way,

he needs lots of patience and love.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Time Flies

Time is flying,
flying past me.
What have I done,
during this time?
What have I left behind?
What will I take with me?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Where do I go from here.

Constantly confused,
steadily unsure,
permanently wondering,
"where do I go from here?"


Moon w a x i n g
Moon w a n i n g
Moon gone

Mercy like the Rain

Mercy like the rain, covers like mist;
Gentle to the touch, thoughtful and reminiscent.

Mercy like the rain, is light as a drizzle;
To moisten the heart and refresh the faith.

Mercy like the rain, is steady like a sprinkle;
To wash away hardship and grief, bringing ease and relief.

Mercy like the rain, falls like a shower;
It waters the heart and fertilizes the soul.

Mercy like the rain, beats down like pelts;
eroding and erasing sin, washing it away.

Mercy like the rain, rages like a storm;
It attacks pride and tears away arrogance.

Mercy like the rain, cascades and floods;
Drowning spite and envy, leaving behind kindness and goodwill.

Mercy like the rain, is all around;
For the giving and the taking, the hopeful and the woeful.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Where are the days of
golden Innocence?

Month of Mercy

The sunsets

The new moon rises

All eyes gaze to the mountian's horizon

The month is new

The air is swift

As believers welcome the blessed guest

With vows of patience

And lips pressed sealed

Hearts are washed as heads are kneeled

Fasting by day and praying by night

Seeking guidance and closeness 

to Allah the Most High

Moon waxing, moon waning

To the beginning and the end

The Month of Mercy will pass and come again

Ramadan Mubarik!

Monday, August 24, 2009

My Faithful Friend

Come again my faithful friend,
Take hold of my hand.

Carry me to a place of comfort,
A place to rest my fears.

A winding road that leads on,
A guiding light to tread upon.

Wrap my fears in warm solace,
Take my hand and don't let go.

For every humble tear I shed today,
Will leave my faith strong and aglow.. 

Monday, July 27, 2009

God's Word

My word
is my word.
God's word is Divine.
Take God's word,
not mine.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Boxes Boxes Boxes!

Here's a tid bit I wrote for my classroom to go with our felt board activities.

Boxes are fun.
They come in all shapes and sizes.
Big boxes, little boxes, tiny boxes too.
You can stack them high or sit inside.
You can crawl through it like a tunnel or
stand real tall.
You can ride it like a horse, 
tap it like a drum.
Boxes can be lots of fun.
Shoe boxes, hat boxes, cereal boxes too.
A box for your toys, a box for girls and boys.
A house in a box, a box in a house.
Boxes to move things, boxes to push things,
boxes to hide in, boxes to share with a friend.
Boxes are lots of fun.

Going Nowhere Fast

A slight drizzle of rain tapped on the bedroom window. A gray forecast, the whole day. “There goes my day,” Annie said with her faced pressed against the window pane. She looked around her room, “what will I do today?” she thought to herself. “How about cleaning your room,” her mother said almost reading her thoughts. Annie jumped, startled. She hated it when her mother did that, it freaked her out at the thought of her mom being a mind reader. Annie poked her lip out, cleaning her room wasn’t on the top of her to-do list, but the tone of her mother’s voice said otherwise. 

Buzz, buzz. Annie could hear a cell phone vibrating in the chaos of what was meant to be her room. “Now where did I put my phone?” she asked under her breath. She had a week’s worth of laundry thrown across her bed; her book shelf was bare of its books while the books lay scattered around the four corners of her room. Last week she had started to rearrange her closet space according to color, season and days of the week. So naturally, those items were laid out across what little space was left in her room. Buzz, buzz her phone vibrated again. “I got to remember to put the ringer back on,” she muttered annoyingly to herself. 

Thirty minutes later, after turning her already hurricane struck room upside down; she found her phone underneath a pillow and an empty bag of marshmallows. There were three text messages, one seemed very urgent. “Are you still coming to the park?” It was from Jessie. “We have a lot to discuss about Melissa birthday party, bring your skates with you.” Melissa was very lucky; her parents were able to rent The Roller Rink for the day! Annie frowned touching a bruise on her knee; she was not very good at skating and needed all the practice she could get. “Clean your room Annie, then you can have the rest of the day to do what you want,” her mother called across the hall. She sighed, and put her skates back under her bed. 

She looked around her room, “where do I begin?” She picked up a sock, then another. Slowly, she made her way around the room, moving steady, like the patter of rain on her window. By the time the rain stopped, she had filled her dirty clothes hamper, put all her books back onto the barren bookshelf, cleared off her dresser, arranged her closet according to season, and found her missing homework. She was just starting to put her clothes in order of color when she got another text. “Everything is cancelled. Melissa’s got the measles!”

Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Challenge Milestone #1 (6)

So, here is my first tally for this challenge. Not much but I'm working on it :D

S - 0
M- 250
T- 200 (revision of a previous work)

Total= 841 words 

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wind Journey

Wind Journey

Whispering winds,

rustling through leaves.

Tales of journeys, from

across the seas.

Wandering over meadows, and 

rolling down valleys.

Raising sand dunes, and

unleashing mansoons.

Carrying life and destruction

clouds and seasons.

Whispering winds,

rustling through leaves.

With stories and adventures

from across the seas.

Summer Writing Challege

As this summer weather continue heat up Washington State and turn our lovely grass brown, I decided to try and meet the summer writing challenge set by one of my writing e-groups. Everyday, I will try to write 500 words per day. Now, not all will be posted here, as I have a few other blogs that I write to. But, I will to try and do 500 words here as well. 

Happy writing!

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