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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Picture Prompt: The Lost City.......

No one knows for sure how I met my demise. There have been a lot of discussions, speculations, research, and even grand expeditions to find me and learn about my history and final days. But I was there. I know. Built by hands that were neither god nor human, I governed the great waters that nestled between the vast East and West continents. With knowledge and technology far greater and more advanced than any on the planet, my builders ruled supreme. A city of wonder, a city of power and a city of wealth; I was a city that all wanted to conquer and possess. For thousands of years they ruled in peace, but slowly, like the sanding of shores, corruption crept into and infested the hearts of the builders. The battle began not just from outside the great city walls but within. In a sacred room in the center of the city’s heart, the high elders made one final attempt to protect their city from the wicked and ruthless. During a great storm, they used every bit of their knowledge and power to hide me from the weak and narrow-minded. In one great wave, the finest, most technologically advanced city in the world vanished taking with it thousands of years of knowledge and wisdom. Some say a great tsunami swept me away, some say a devastating earthquake seized me while others don’t think I ever existed. But I know better. I am here to say I do exist. Once a strong, formidable, sight to see, I am here beneath the depths. A remnant of my glorious past, I am hidden away forever.

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