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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

To read or not to read....

I feel so guilty |0_0| I think I have committed "booktry".

I have yet to open the "The Kingdom." So here is the deal, every time I have the desire to sit down and read, something comes up that takes my attention away from it. Then, there are the times I go to pick it up and another book catches my attention. Today would have been the day to start. I had an hour and a half long wait for my sister to pick me up from work and was the perfect time for me to start reading The Kingdom only I did not have it with me! I had taken the book out of my purse and left it at home some days ago and forgot to put it back. |<.<.| So, I did the next best thing, I took a walk through B&N. I had originally planned to just browse the bookshelves to kill time. They have a few comfy chairs for reading in the store so when I saw

"The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown, I grabbed it and got comfy in one of those chairs. Well, after an hour and a half, I got up to find my way home (on foot |`_'| that's another long story!) So, the prologue and first ten pages into the book I was hooked. I bought and have started reading TLS before even beginning TK. I feel horrible, it has been almost two or three weeks and I have not started on the book. TLS is not the first book either, I read "I am Nujood....", albeit it was a really easy and quick read, I feel like I am doing TK a disservice having up in my currently reading section. I don't want anyone to think it is a boring book or that the book is not interesting just because I can't see to finish it.

So now I am torn between reading


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