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This blog is my diary of works in progress. The only way a writer can improve upon her skill is to practice, practice and practice some more. Here, in this place of quiet peace, I pen to paper my thoughts and creativity. Welcome to my world.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Picture Prompts: Mystic Fall

There exist a mystic place that cures all diseases of the body and the mind, beauty for flaws, youth for age, intelligence for senility, strength for weakness, immortality for mortality. From this mystic place flows a water so pure, so clean, so true that it cleanses upon sight. I have seen this place. I have tasted its water. I have cleansed my soul in its fall. Its cool waters descend from an invisible heaven and gather in pools, glowing by the light of an unseen source. With every breath, my lungs filled with the mystic mist. My wrinkles vanished. My vision became clear, my hearing crisp, strength flowed through my veins again. My memory returned with knowledge I did not know before. Bliss. Wonderful bliss. I felt whole again. But that is all I remember. I never noticed the watchful eyes on the wall. The ones that protect these pure waters, this mystic fall. Glowing. Glaring. Savage. No one warned me when they whispered about the fabled cave containing healing waters. No one told me that a place so pure could be so cursed. No one told me that this mystic place was never meant to be found by a sinful mortal. So remains the secret of the Mystic Falls.

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