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Friday, July 15, 2011

Book Review: Glass Slipper, Gold Sandal

Hi friends! Here is a book, children's albeit, that I thought was really fun and interesting to read. I have always loved reading fairy tales growing up and Cinderella was a classic favorite. Growing up, I found other versions of the story from different cultures which were fun to read as well. Tonight however took the culturally diverse cake. :)

Once upon a time in Mexico.... in Iran... in Ireland... in Zimbabwe...... there lived a girl who worked all day in the rice fields..... cooked in the royal kitchen..... tended the cattle.... then spent the night by the hearth, sleeping among the cinders. Her name is Ashpet.... Vasalisa.... Sootface.... Catskin.... Cendrillon.... Cinderella.

In this retelling, snippets of the story unfolds across cultures, each page beautifully illustrated to represent each country. However, to truly appreciate this diverse telling of Cinderella, one would have to know the story to begin with and the fact that there are many different versions of the story. While I think older children would benefit reading the story alone, younger children would be confused by it especially if the classic story is the only one they know. Great picture book though!

**** stars for unique story-telling and beautiful illustrations!!!


Mona said...

I grew up reading fairy tales and am enjoying the trend of re-tellings via paper, film, and television media. Cinderella is my favorite. I loved the movie Ever After and the twist on the tale depicted in an episode of the TV series Grimm.

This book sounds really interesting. I agree that while younger readers may get confused, it may provide cultural insight to others.

Allison said...

This book sounds interesting. I like fairy tales and it sounds like this one would have a new and different twist with the multicultural aspect.

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