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Friday, December 19, 2014

G.A.S. Not your every day science reading!! and giveaway.

Welcome an all new kind of fun and educational reading for boys AND girls! Did I mention fun?? The G.A.S. series.

The GALACTIC ACADEMY OF SCIENCE is Tumblehome Learning’s keynote series.

GAS is designed to stimulate general interest in science & engineering and to encourage student participation in inquiry based STEM competitions through engagement in a fun and exciting adventure, mystery, CSI mission or other storyline embedded with both scientific content knowledge and methods. [STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering & Math].
Each book of the series follows a model, with different subject matter and storylines, and some different characters along the way.   All GAS books feature a group of middle school children (usually a boy & girl pair) from diverse backgrounds, facing an impending science fair project or other school or personal challenge.   Suddenly, the kids are faced with a perfidious present-day crime that needs historical knowledge of science or engineering to solve it.  Under the guidance of a Dude or Dudette from the Future (pictured above, Quarkum Phonon and Selectra Volt), the kids use a special device to travel through time and visit pivotal scientists of the past, gain key knowledge, solve the crime, ace the science/engineering/math competition, and become inducted into the GALACTIC ACADEMY OF SCIENCE, or GAS.

Check out these four books in the series........

Clinton and Mae take on a new G.A.S. mission–a journey across three continents and 4000 years to learn about concussion and the brain in order to nail a bribe-taker who loss Clinton and his team a game.

Benson, Anita, Ella and Shomari head back to the past to learn more about coding in the hopes of saving their science fair from the Evil Dr. G and his minions who are bent on destroying it.

When a stranger from the future tells Clinton’s timid summer camp tentmate to deliver a zombie or else, Clinton knows he has to help. Together, seventh graders Clinton and Mae take Sam on a Galactic Academy of Science mission to find out the truth about zombies

Benson and Anita think Dr. Brummagem’s feathered dinosaur fossil is a fake, but can they prove it? 

Thanks to the publisher of this wonderful series, you have a chance to win one of these books. :D
Fill out the rafflecopter below and enter to win.

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Mary Preston said...

I can see my daughter enjoying these.

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