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Friday, March 2, 2012

Perfect Picture Book Friday: The Three Billy Goats Fluff

Title: The Three Billy Goats Fluff

Author: Rachael Mortimer

Publisher: Tiger Tales Book; September 2011

Suitable for: 3 – 7 years

Themes/Topics: Problem Solving, Compassion, Fairy Tales


Trip-trap. Trip-trap. How was he supposed to sleep? Mr. Troll buried his head in his pillow and groaned.


A tired and grumpy troll has finally had enough with the three billy goats fluff tramping loudly on his bridge and keeping him awake. When he threatens to eat them up, they run back to their mother who comes up with a fluffy plan to keep everyone safe and happy.

Links to resources:

Teaching and Reading Guide can be found on Tiger Tales Book website.

Why I like this book:
I love fairy tales. It is so fun to read one that is a little different, makes it feel new, fresh and unique. Rachael Mortimer gives this classic tale a fun and humorous twist. The illustrator gives the ugly green troll a not so scary almost adorable appearance. The little billy goats are just way too cute!!!! But more than that, children learn that there is always a solution to a problem and that with lots of compassion and thought, they can come to a solution or compromise. ☺

For a complete list of books with resources that engage, educate and entertain, visit the blog of author Susanna L Hill.


Julie Hedlund said...

This sounds too adorable! Plus, this isn't a fairy tale that's been fractured to death yet. :-)

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

This sounds like a delightful twist on the old favorite! I will have to read it! Thanks so much for sharing it!

Patricia T. said...

Oh, I read this fairy tale as a child and loved it. Nice to see it has been updated in a fresh new way. I'm so glad you shared this old/new story. Great review Saba!

Amy D said...

Who could resist a cute troll? :-) This sounds like a really fun book, and my kids do like fairy tales. Thanks for the recommendation!

Stacy S. Jensen said...

I think it's interesting to see how a writer can take a fairy tale and give it a new twist. I never think about that, but stories like this show it's very possible. Thanks for adding this to the list. The list keeps all these great books on my radar.

Karlene Petitt said...

I love this! I have children picture books in me. I don't know where to go to make them happen. Thank you for sharing!

Kirsten Larson said...

I love books that play with classic tales or nursery rhymes. This is one I haven't heard of. Thanks!

Kristi's Book Nook said...

I love Tiger Tales books. This is one of my favorites.

Penny Parker Klostermann said...

Oh, I love fairy tales, too. This does sound fresh and unique. Thanks for the review. It's on my library list.

Vivian Kirkfield said...

Thanks, Saba, for bringing this new version of an old favorite to PPBF! The other day, I was rereading some of the old fairytales that I heard as a child (and loved) and that I read to my children...and I hesitated to add them to my school visit list. :) They were sooooo scary! This one looks like a sweet retelling. Thanks also for the resource links.

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