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This blog is my diary of works in progress. The only way a writer can improve upon her skill is to practice, practice and practice some more. Here, in this place of quiet peace, I pen to paper my thoughts and creativity. Welcome to my world.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Choose Your Own Adventure: Nod and flee

Welcome to Choose Your Own Adventure
IF you are just starting please click on the link here to start at the beginnng of the story :) Enjoy!

You nod and flee the instant its back is turned

The dragon's penetrating eyes glare at you as it pulls you closer. Your feet brush against the top of its lips. A plume of smoke nearly chokes the life out of you. Your eyes sting and begin to water. You gulp and nod your head. You don't dare breathe or cough for fear the dragon will swallow you whole. The dragon drops you to your feet.

“Wise choice," it says licking, its lips. "Get on, the master is out right now. You can retrieve the relic from his dojo."

You take timid steps onto the dragon's back.

"How can I hear it," you think to yourself. "Am I 'tele....'

The dragon turns to look at you. A sinister curl in his lip.

"You are not telepathic," it says.

Before you can respond, it leaps from the ground and you are airborne and soaring above clouds. The rush of wind blinds you. It is not long before you feel an abrupt jolt and thump.

"Get off," the dragon demands. You fall off as it jerks its body. You see sensei's dojo up ahead. You dare not smile for fear the dragon would understand your plan.

"Where is the relic," you ask not looking at the dragon.

"He keeps it inside his study. Now go!"

You run up the last flight of stairs. You burst through the doors and shut them close. You look around, pounding on the walls.

"Where is it," you think. "Where is the hidden panel that leads to the secret escape tunnel to the forest behind the dojo."

"Human!!" the dragon shrieks.

You panic. It knows. You scramble to find the panel. You hit a back wall and it shifts. You push it open with all your might. You stumble into the dark and the door shuts behind you. You feel your way to the end of the tunnel. When you emerge, you are in a clearing surrounded by thick brush and old trees. You take a deep breath and nearly choke with laughter. You start to take off when suddenly the ground underneath you shakes violently, throwing you off your feet. You  roll over onto your back to catch your breath. Staring down at you, the dragon screeches at you. Its razor teeth comes inches from tearing you apart.

"Vile creature," it spits, then snatches you up and takes flight.

The dragon takes you to its lair. You pass by a shimmering curtain of mist protecting a deep cavern. Beyond the mist you see four large eggs. The dragon mournfully looks at the eggs.

"As long as I am imprisoned by sensei, I can not get to my young ones. They will hatch soon but have no hope of survival if I can't enter the protected cave.”

A tear rolls down the dragon's face before it glares down at you. You feel bad for the dragon. You are placed in a dark dungeon. Maybe you should have helped the dragon after all. In the warm dank cell, your feet are chained to a wall. As you think of a way to escape, you hear distant chains rattle. The sounds get closer. Out of the pitch blackness you hear a voice.

"Did you give it to her?" it asks.

You are startled. "Sensei?" You feel his hands grip your shoulder. You flinch.

"Did you give it to her?" he asks again more sternly.

"Give who what?" you answer.

"Did you give the dragon the relic?"

You shake your head then remember it is dark.

"No," you say out loud. "I never looked. I tried to escape through the woods but the dragon caught me. After all I have learned, I should have helped."

In the dark, your hands stay busy.

"She? The dragon is a she?" you ask.

You don't wait for an answer, you are just buying time. You are angry that your master would keep a mother from her children. Sensei had always taught you to respect others including animals. And here he was, committing a serious offense. You accusingly ask him questions about the relic and why the dragon was kept from her eggs. Clink. Your feet are free. You make a run for it.

"Wait," your sensei calls after you. "Help me. Set me free, and I will tell you everything. The dragon is not what she appears to be."

You pause. You are conflicted. You want to return to the dojo and find the relic to free the mother dragon so she can reunite with her eggs before they hatch. But you also want to know the mystery of the dragon and the relic.

Do You: Abandon sensei to help the dragon?
Do you: Free sensei and find out more about the mysterious dragon and relic?
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Claire Hennessy said...

Gosh, locked up in the dark, scary! And baby dragons are at stake too! Yikes. What to do ... think I am going to abandon sensei.

Theresa Milstein said...

I've got to free the sensei!

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