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Sunday, August 14, 2011

No Secrets. No Lies. Part One (an interview)

Character Interview: Nusa
Place: Spaceship Hablas

Q: What is your name?
A: I am Nusa, daughter of Hidana

Q: Where are you from?
A: My home Naqaba. I was born and raised in Sky City.

Q: Did you go to school? Can you read and write?
A: Hai, all young Naqabashi go to school. I can read and write in the ancient language as well as the Naqaban language.

Q: What is your rank?
A: I am a warrior guard.

Q: What are some of your duties?
A: I patrol the sky cities and the valleys, I join the elite guards and warriors on various space missions, and I am an apprentice to elite guard, Zurana.

Q: What is a typical day like on your home world?

A: It depends on ones rank and status in the clan.

Q: Why do the Naqabashi live in sky cities and not on the land?
A: In the sky, we are free to be ourselves. There was a time when the land dwellers attacked, tortured, enslaved and killed us. The sky protected us from their fear and treachery. While we are at peace with them now, the sky is our home and sanctuary.

Q: I met your brother but he looks nothing like you. He said that there are no males among your race. Why aren’t their male Naqabashi?
A: What makes us Naqabashi is a mutant gene that only develops in Naqaban females resulting in Naqabashi.

Q: How do the Naqabashi procreate?
A: We are still capable of interbreeding with the male Naqabans; we prefer to take mates from the soldiers and royal families.

Q: What happens if a Naqabashi gives birth to a male offspring?
A: He is returned to his father to live and be raised amongst the land dwellers.

Q: What are some of your accomplishments amongst the Naqabashi?
A: I was the youngest in my class to graduate and become a warrior guard.

Q: What are some of your regrets?
A: Underestimating the poachers on Wadn Prime and getting captured by them, having to be rescued by a young boy, and [long pause] losing my best friend.

Q: Do you have any pet peeves?
A: Pet peeves, what is a ‘pet peeves’?

Q: Pet peeve means something you don’t like, that really bothers you or annoys you.
A: Oh, then it is the incompetence and arrogance of male humanoids really annoys me.

Q: Do you miss your home world?
A: Hai. I miss my sisters very much. I miss the freedom of the Naqaban skies.

Q: Why did you choose to leave it?
A: I did not leave it, I just have not returned home yet. [She got very defensive here.]

Q: What is it like living amongst non-telepaths?
A: It was very difficult at first. Their thoughts are chaotic and unfocused. I was bombarded with high emotions that were wild and out of control. But it is better now; I have learned how to block out their inferior brain waves that transmits their thoughts, feelings. And emotions. I have been able to train myself to pick up only on the signals I choose to hear and interpret.

Q: How did you meet the crew of the Hablas?
A: I met them on Wadn Prime. I was in a bit of trouble when one of their crewmembers helped me.

Q: What is your role here on the Hablas?
A: I help with security as well as I am a pilot on the ship.

Q: What is so important about completing this mission with the Hablas?
A: This mission is very important not just for the humanoids, but for Naqaba as well. I am a protector of my world, the threat we are fighting now if not destroyed may one day find its way to Naqaba.

Q: It must really be lonely out here for you without your family and friends, is there some one here who is special to you?
A: Hai. I do not have anyone to talk to that understands me, that understands the Naqabashi way. It is often difficult to express in spoken words what my heart and mind truly feels. But I have found a friend, a sister here, someone I can trust even though she is a mere humanoid. I can trust Uma. I can also trust….[pause] others here who have proven themselves trust worthy.


Kristi's Book Nook said...

I love the illustration!

Anonymous said...

Nice interesting .First time reading science fiction really!Have never been a fan of it but this has got me intrested!Is this a book u r writing??Hope u finish it soon n publish!


Ms Saba (aka Teacher007.5) said...

THanks Kristi. I found the illustrator over on He did a great job!

Safia, Nusa is one of a few main characters in a book I am writing. After working on her character a bit I think she has a story of her own that may be worth tell! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow,Sounds great.Hope u can finish it soon:)

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