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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Gratitude Challenge - Day #20 many days, many thanks...

It has been a long while since I posted up some of my many blessings and thanks. God be praised, I have been doing well. I have been quite busy and things are hopefully looking like they will start to settle down to a nice simmer :D So getting straight to my challenge!

Blessing #15
Yay! my co-teacher Jessie is back from a one month vacation!!! While it was probably not as stress free as a vacation should be (she went home to get married <3) she was definitely missed! It is interesting how children rely heavily on continuity and familiarity. The month that Jessie was gone, I wouldn't say it was horrible or devastating to the kids, but it was stressful for them (and me) at times, especially the first couple of weeks. Getting to know a new face/teacher is a bit frightening for little ones so it made for a challenging month as the children learned to adjust. But she is back and Yay!!!

Blessing #16
I'm the type that likes to put on a brave face and smile no matter what. And, I like to make others feel relaxed and comfortable and smile too. But it also feels nice to be appreciated and valued. Well, the parents in my classroom are just wonderful. They gave me the most heartwarming card and gift when Jessie returned acknowledging and thanking me for all my efforts, love and care in maintaining the classroom all without breaking a sweat. Really, I have the best parents and it is such an honoring being their children's teacher/caregiver.

Blessing #17
It's nice when parents value you, but even sweeter when their children do. I recently visited a family and the first thing I got upon walking in the door was a gift and hug. The gift was a drawing of me and the child. PRICELESSSSS!!!!!!

Blessing #18
I have been following the news about the EAST AFRICAN CRISIS. My heart breaks into millions of pieces as I look at the pictures and hear about the suffering that the people of Somalia and other East African countries are going through as the famine rages on in their countries. I can't imagine how a mother (or father) feels watching and hearing their baby cry and wither away of hunger and are powerless to do anything about it. We (I) am so blessed to have food, clean water, sanitation, health care and more. I am making an even greater effort now to not waste these precious resources.

Blessing #19
I am equally blessed to have some money to donate to some really trust worthy organizations that are working hard to bring food, water, sanitation and medical aid to the devastated areas in East Africa.
Islamic Relief USA/Worldwide is a great humanitarian organization that I trust and often volunteer for. Learn more about them here.

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Karen Strong said...

The famine has been heavy on my heart as well. Seeing the mothers walking for miles and miles to get their babies help.

Thanks for the link. ;)

And focusing on blessings makes you realize just how blessed you are.

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