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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Little Girl Who Would NOT Go To Sleep

There was a little girl who would not go to sleep. No matter what she tried, she could not close her eyes.

She drank her milk. She hugged her bear. Then she lay flat upon her bed. She cuddled her blanket and nuzzled her pillow. But her eyes only got bigger and bigger.

She crept and she crawled, sneaking here and there, but to her bed she always returned. She took off her socks and threw down her blankie, bear and pillow and when there was nothing left, she got cranky.

She kicked and she screamed, she thrashed and threw a fit. Soon she began to cry. But the little girl would not close her eyes.

She pulled out her ponytail and twirled her hair. Tuckered and tired she soon counted sheep. 1, 2, 3 she closed her eyes and fell fast asleep...........

..... but only for a little while.


This story was inspired by a little girl in my toddler classroom who refused to take a nap today. :) Luckily, she got a half an hour of sleep to sort of hold her for the rest of the afternoon!

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