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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Perfect Picture Book: Super Blake

Title: Super Blake and the Cavity Monster

Author: Tracy Bickhaus

Illustrator: Korey Scott

Publisher: Brickhouse Media LLC; March 1, 2011

Theme/Topics: Dental hygiene, Super Hero, Good Character

Ages: 3 and up

There once was a little boy named Blake. Every morning at 6 he would wake.

Book Summary: 
Super Blake Books are a series of children's picture books that follow Super Blake through a variety of adventures. He shows kids how they can be a hero in everyday life by making good choices and helping others. In this first book of the series, Super Blake battles tooth decay in the form of The Cavity Monster and his evil sidekicks: Ginger Vitis and Sir Plaque.

Resources: Find Super Blake, Cavity Monster, Ginger Vitis and Sir Plaque coloring pages, word search, printable bookmarks and more. Learn about healthy dental practices here. Online games and activities for ages ranging from 2-9.

Why I like the book: 
This is a nice book that focuses on making good choices. Blake teaches children what an everyday hero should be like. Healthy teeth is encouraged through fighting off the mean cavity monster by promoting brushing and flossing. It is a rhyming book so young children will like it and follow along with the beat and rhythm. the illustrations are really cute and bright. Blake is such a cute character. The author spent a little time in the beginning of the story introducing Blake then moved on to the story of fighting tooth decay. At first I did not care for all the long wait, but as this is a series about making good choices, I do see the need for the reader to really get to know Blake. I also love all the goodies on the author's website from bookmarks to certificates, stickers, coloring pages and lots more. 

For a complete list of Perfect Picture Books visit Susanna L Hill's blog. 

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