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Friday, December 9, 2011

Perfect Picture Book - Sailing Off to Sleep

Author: Linda Ashman

Publisher: Simon & Schuster May 2010

Ages: 2-6 Grade: P-1

Theme: bedtime; arctic region and animals; imagination

Opening and Synopsis:

It's night time my little one.
Climb into bed.
I don't want to sleep --
I'll go sailing instead.
There's only one problem:
your ship has no sail.
I'm tying my boat
to the tail of a whale.
Bedtime for a little one brings an imaginary journey to the North Pole to cuddle and play with the many animals there.

Resources: I did not find any thing from the publisher or author websites but I did find some wonderful sites with a lot of information and activities that would make Sailing Off to Sleep the perfect nightcap at the end of the day.
First-School has lots of preschool activities like alphabets, animal science and facts, fables, crafts and coloring pages for various arctic animals. ( I actually like to use this site to find curriculum ideas.)
Perfectly Preschool has a nice and detailed lesson plan that include day to day arctic activities, suggested books, songs and crafts.
Kidsparkz has a really nice printable arctic animal flash card set
Why I like this: this is a very nice tale to curl up with your little one as they settle down for bed. The little girl in this story is not ready to call it quits at the end of the day and decides a journey to the arctic is much better than bedtime. In an innocent voice and encouraged by her mother she sets sail meeting creatures of every kind that live in the wonderful icy white wonderland of the arctic. The illustrations are beautiful and soft, not very busy and rousing. The rhymes are nice and short and move effortlessly from animal to animal. But my favorite part of the story is the end; when the mother says she can go on her journey, the little girl decides she is ready for bed and snuggles up with all the animals she visited in the arctic! :)

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Susanna Leonard Hill said...

This looks lovely, Saba! Thanks so much for sharing. I'll add your link to today's post on my blog. If you want the book to be listed on the Perfect Picture Book page, though, it needs to have resources - some ideas of how parents and teachers can use it at home and in the classroom, links to activity sheets or coloring pages, or teacher guides... something like that. That is what sets PPBs apart from other reviews - the fact that the books are all highly recommended and include resources to make it easy for parents and teachers to expand on the book. You can just add that in and then I can put it on the permanent list :)

Patricia Tilton said...

Really enjoyed your entry. Sounds like a beautiful bedtime book. I love the very simple verse. Nice selection!

Coleen Patrick said...

Books about bedtime were always a favorite in our house. Great pick!

Julie Hedlund said...

We own this one (and several other Linda Ashman books) and we love it. Such a sweet bedtime story.

elizabethanne said...

This sounds lovely. Thanks for sharing!

thepatientdreamer said...

Beautiful story, Saba, and lovely illustration. said...


Stacy S. Jensen said...

I've read this one with my son before. I love the illustrations too.

Anonymous said...

What a great bed-time story!

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