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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Spruce Knoll for Endangered Species: A Book Tour

Today, I have the honor to have a really wonderful author visit and promote her book here on Of Thoughts and Words. Heather McCorkle. Words cannot describe just how wonderful a person and writer Heather is.  

A special edition of Heather McCorkle’s The Secret Of Spruce Knoll is releasing from Compass Press this month and she’s doing a special tour to go along with it. The special part, a percentage of the proceeds from every special edition sold (in every format) between its release date and 12-12-2012, will go toward Heather’s favorite charity that protects endangered species. Her goal is to make at least $10,000 for the charity.

Here is a fun interview with Heather for the release of her special edition.

Saba: Heather, in your story, do the channelers consider themselves an endangered species? 

Heather: Sadly, they do. Fewer and fewer children are born to channelers each year. Even though the ability is something everyone has within them, those who have nurtured the gift over the centuries are slowly dying out. 

Saba: Since they are connected to the Earth, what would happen if the channelers became extinct? 

Heather: You're throwing out the tough ones, love it. Channelers will die out completely when the earth itself dies, which in this alternate (future) reality, is getting closer and closer. 

Saba: What is Erin’s favorite endangered animal? 

Heather: You mean besides Aiden? ;) Eren loves sea turtles, which you'll get to see in book 3. 

Saba: How  about Fane, my fave character! J What endangered animal would he choose? 

Heather: Ah, Fane is my favorite too! Love him. His is the black jaguar. 

Saba: What can we do to help the channeler race and other earth species survive extinction? 

Heather: What a wonderful question. Of course you can always donate to your favorite charity that specializes in protecting endangered species. There are some fantastic ones out there. Even the tiniest amount can make a huge difference. Or you can buy a copy of the Compass Press edition of The Secret Of Spruce Knollbecause a portion of the proceeds from each sale between it's release and 12-12-12 will go toward my favorite charity that helps save endangered species. 

For the tour, Heather asked each blog host to pick their favorite endangered species and she will tell us a fun or interesting fact about that animal. It was hard choosing just one but I finally chose the Polar Bear.

Heather: Polar bears are the largest land predator at nearly 1500 pounds, though ironically, they do most of their hunting in the water at the edge of the sea ice. With the sea ice retreating more and more each year this adds a challenge  to their hunting that has landed them on the endangered list.  

Help Heather help my endangered friends. You can purchase the special edition of The Secret of Spruce Knoll a Channeler Novel from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  

Of course there are PRIZES during the tour which goes from December 1st through the 17th. Prizes include a symbolic endangered species adoption of the winner’s choice (a $50 donation by Heather to the charity for the endangered species of the winner’s choice, and cute stuffed animal for the winner!), signed copies of her novels and great swag. For full details, and to enter, go here



Susanna Leonard Hill said...

Great interview, Saba and Heather! Thanks for sharing. I'm still looking forward to reading The Secret of Spruce Knoll, but somehow I never received the copy I won. No doubt I failed to supply some information somewhere along the line or something, but please let me know :)

Heather said...

Thank you for having me over Saba! It was a pleasure. :)

Ms Saba (aka Teacher007.5) said...

Hi Susanna

I will check into it right away. I used my credit card to buy the book so I should be able to track it and see what happened. Will get back to you soon. I'm so sorry it is taking longer than it should :(

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

I can't imagine a world without polar bears. Or sea turtles. Or manatees. :(
I think this blog tour is brilliant.

Coleen Patrick said...

Wonderful blog tour and interview!
Oh and i love manatees too :)

Karen Strong said...

Great interview Saba. Loved how Heather told us about the charcter's choice of endangered species. Love that part of the book proceeds are going to charity.

Heather said...

Susanna, it's on it's way to you again! Sorry hun, I've been having issues with the postal service here.

Tricia, it would be terribly sad wouldn't it? Thank you so much!

Coleen, thank you!

Karen, thank you!

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