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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Warm Fuzzies: Weeks 3 Character Arc

It's week three of the Warm Fuzzies Blog Fest hosted by Juliana L Brandt. This week's challenge is about character arcs. Here is the challenge in her own words:

Take a moment to look at the trouble you get your MC into. How do you kick them while they’re down? Without revealing too many secrets about your WIP- take us through your MC’s arch. Visit as many blogs as you can and based on their exert/summary, come up with a title for their WIP. Your title can be funny or serious, whatever you’d like.
So here is one of my WIP. It's a children's picture story :)
Meet Meepo. He loves to play space ball, just like his older brother Ashee. His brother Ashee plays very well. Meepo does not. In fact, when he tried out for the school team, he played so bad the coach sent him away, “Why don’t you find another sport to play,” the coach barked. Meepo’s father and brother suggest he goes to a Space Ball Camp. Meepo hesitates. But once there, he finds that there are some kids who play better than him and some who are just as bad as him. Meepo met a few friends and many more bullies who teased him when he gave up. On a walk he comes across a famous ex-space ball player who makes a potion that will make Meepo a great player. The old player warns that the potion is dangerous and will only solve his problem temporarily. But Meepo only thinks about being a strong and fast player. He takes the potion and finds that his new ability is not what he expected or wants!
So, can you guess the name of this story? :D

This week's giveaway is a nice little book of inspirational quotes: Random Acts of Kindness - An Illustrated Celebration


Cassie Mae said...

Title: Spaceball Skillz Potion, See Label for Side Effects

And what's his ability??? Agh!

Cortney Pearson said...

Cassie Mae! Yours is awesome!
How about: Don't Drink That! :)

Unknown said...

Meepo's Mistake

Love the character's name!

Coleen Patrick said...

Great character names! What about Meepo's Strength?

Juliana said...

So cute! I love that you've done a children's book for this :)

I'll stick with: Meet Meepo

Anonymous said...

This sounds delightful!

Meepo turns tweepo.

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

I like all of the first three suggestions and can't think of anything to improve on them :) Great story idea!

Kelley Lynn said...

That is sooo cute!

And I'm with Susanna... I've totally got nothing better ;)

Patricia Lynne said...

Title: Side Effects
Cassie's title is great.

Unknown said...

"Meepo's Magical Potion?" or "Meepo's Magical Journey?"
Love the description! Sounds like a great book. :)

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