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This blog is my diary of works in progress. The only way a writer can improve upon her skill is to practice, practice and practice some more. Here, in this place of quiet peace, I pen to paper my thoughts and creativity. Welcome to my world.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ahoy! Sea Serpent!

If you are just joining the adventure, please start here. The Choose Your Own Adventure continues below.........

                 You follow your beloved.....

You watch the massive sea serpent dragging the ship down into the deep blue. Floating wreckage reminds you of the deadly fate you narrowly escaped. You watch in horror as the deadly serpent turns and heads your way with the ship in tow, it’s green eyes glowing angrily. You turn to your beloved still beckoning you to follow. Air going fast and the sea serpent swimming faster, you decide to follow your beloved and hope your mind is not playing tricks on you.

You push and kick with all your strength to keep up with the luminescent figure. You are so focused on the light ahead of you; you don’t realize the sea serpent has stopped chasing you. It swims along an invisible barrier not daring to cross it, but staring longingly after you. The water has become denser, murkier and greenish in color. The terrain has changed as well; sea foliage five miles deep wave in slow motion beneath you. Just beyond the rolling plains of grass you see the tip of an object. Your beloved circles over and around the object touching it gingerly then gracefully descends down circling it.  The light from your beloved illuminates it and as you follow, you realize is it not just an object. It is a massive pyramid at the bottom of the ocean floor.

Beautiful symbols adorn the pyramid but nothing like the heirogryaphs of ancient Egypt. They seem alien. As you descend, you forget about your oxygen levels. You touch the symbols. Each one lights up in colors of green, blue and purple for a second then darkens again. Icy fingers touch your hand then grab it. Your beloved drags you down the remaining few miles at lightening speed till you reach an enormous heavily armored door. Pointing to the door that looks like an over-sized security keypad, your beloved touches your tank then pushes you forward. “You want me to knock?” you ask raising your hand to the door. The door is covered with symbols you saw on your way down. You turn to look at your beloved for confirmation but the glowing figure is gone.

Alone at the bottom of the ocean, you have 10 minutes of air left and a huge locked door in front of you. What is inside? Will you find help? How do you get in? All these thoughts pass through your head. You bang on the door hoping to be heard. With each pound, portions of it begin to glow emitting hums and vibrations of various tones, pitches and frequencies. It is a lock indeed and you have to figure out how to decipher it before you run out of oxygen. You randomly touch the keys. Light and music fill the ocean floor. But the door does not open.  

Your oxygen button lights up. You panic. One minute left. As your brain fogs due to lack of oxygen, you remember your beloved touching various symbols on the pyramid while descending down the outer wall. You recognize those symbols on the keypad. You make one final attempt at breaking the code. Vision blurred, you replicate the order of symbols your beloved touched.

A jet of bubbles shoot out in front of you as the massive door pushes inward and up. Everything happens so fast that you are not prepared for what happens next. When the door opens, you are sucked into the pyramid in one crushing pull. The last of your air escapes. You black out just as your body slams against a hard surface. When you come to, you find you can breathe fairly easy. Yes! Oxygen! Your tank and breathing apparatus is gone; even your black diving suit has been removed. Despite your lack of clothing, you are remarkably comfortable. Everything is black but you can hear the slightest sound. You hear the low and graceful song of a passing whale, the clicking of a pod of dolphins dashing in and out of the sea foliage. Even the swaying foliage is music to your ears. You are alive. You are about to sit up when you hear a door swoosh open then close. You lie as still as you possible, not even daring to breathe.

At first, the voices are unintelligible. But after a while you begin to pick up syllables, then words and then sentences.
“What do you think this one wants?” a voice asks.
“The same as the others,” another voice replies with a growl.
“I don’t know, this one seems different,” the first voice says with softness and interest.
“Humans, they are all the same. Thieving murderers.” There was definitely malice and contempt in the second speaker’s voice.
“What do we do with this specimen?”
“Put it in the holding tanks with the others.”
The door swooshes open but only one of them leaves.

Moments later, a smooth almost metallic icy sensation strokes your bare arm singing softly. The voice sends vibrations across your body. Slowly your vision returns and you can see the creature gliding over you, a luminescent otherworldly creature glowing green, purple and blue. Its eyes peer mournfully into yours. Its knowing gaze sends chills down your spine. Holding tank? Others? You try to speak but can’t. The beautiful creature circles you with a dance like grace. The walls around you reflect its glowing body. It touches one of the walls and it becomes transparent and clear. Beyond the room, you see hundreds of tanks filled with glowing green liquid. Multiple tubes attached to the tanks carry the green liquid out while others feed a clear liquid into the tanks. Each tank holds a body. Some look alive but the rest look mostly dead.

The creature glides over to you singing and pointing to the tank room. It wants you to enter. But you have questions. Why do they want you? What are they doing down here? Who are they? Where are they from? Then you spot a figure in a tank not far from you. You recognize the human form. It is your beloved. The creature sees your reaction and is confused. This is your chance. To get information or free your beloved.

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Susanna Leonard Hill said...

Oh! Choices, choices! I'd like to try to free my beloved, but the lone creature seems nice and not worthy of attack, so I guess for my first adventure I will try forming an alliance. What a great, well-written snippet!

Deborah Walker said...

Excellent, twist to the tale.

Heather said...

Oh this is beyond awesome! I used to love choose your own adventure stories! I'm off to click on my choice...

Lydia Gray said...

This is great fun. I'm going to attack it because I'm feeling lovelorn and vicious.

Ms Saba (aka Teacher007.5) said...

Thanks ladies! this was a lot of fun to write.

LOL @ Lydia!!!

Coleen Patrick said...

This blog hop was so much fun! I'm sending you all virtual applause!

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