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Monday, October 4, 2010

Autumn Song-Red Glow

This is the result of a 15 min nano word sprint :D got to love twitter!

Autumn Song-Red Glow

I stepped out my door for the first time in months after the accident. I took a deep breath. The air was refreshing. Despite my fear of every sudden move or sound, I loved the freedom of moving air around me. It came as a bit of a shock when my foot crunched on a few dried leaves. I looked out at my yard. The trees were no longer green. A crisp breeze made my bones shiver. I stood rubbing my hands and looking at the yard. As the sun set, my trees looked like they were on fire with their red and gold leaves sweeping and swaying in the breeze. A red leaf detached from a branch nearby. The wind blew it towards me. As it swirled and danced gracefully in the air, I reached for it. I took a small feeble step forward but jumped back as I realized I would have to step off the porch. I looked around to see if anyone was around, if anyone saw my fear or hesitation. I looked for the leaf. It was still in the air dancing for me. I limped once more to the edge of the porch. The breeze getting a little colder, forced the red leaf towards me again. My leg did not hurt as much, whether it was due to the chilling breeze or the fact I was so captivated by the dancing leaf I did not feel the pain as I stood on it. The leaves on the trees rustled as the wind sang through them. The chimes on the porch added to the autumn ensemble. I leaned on the porch post and once again reached for the leaf. It was just out of reach. Was it mocking me? Was it enticing me, encouraging me to be bolder like it’s new found color? I took a deep breath and stepped down off the porch. On wobbly legs, I stepped onto a granite block. A stone skipped making my heart skip a beat, but the red leaf was much closer. It danced to the song of the wind. The trees behind it glowed reddish gold. I smiled, forgetting my fears, my pain. I stepped on to another granite block, then another, turning, circling, and lifting, on my good leg. For a moment in time, I danced with the red leaf to the song of autumn’s red glow. As the sun disappeared, the breeze passed and the leaf fell into my hands. I hobbled back into my safe, cozy cave and closed the door behind me.

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love it! -Fida

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