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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Little Moon

“I’m bored,” sighed little moon, “I want to play.”

He looked around to find someone to play with. He saw the earth, spinning around and around. That looks like fun, he thought.

“Can I play with you?” he asked Earth.

“Oh, I’m not playing,” earth said. “If I stop spinning, there will be no day and night; plants and animals will die because nothing will be able to grow.”

Earth continued to spin while Moon looked for a friend.

Soon, Uncle Cloud and Auntie Rain floated by.

“Greetings Uncle Cloud and Auntie Rain,” moon said politely. “Can you play with me?” he asked.

“I’m sorry little moon,” Uncle Cloud replied, “we can’t. I have to carry Auntie Rain to the towns and farms.”

Moon looked sad. “Just for a little while,” he asked hopefully.

Auntie Rain smiled. “Perhaps another time Little Moon. If we don’t go now, the land will become dry and the crops will die and man will suffer hunger and drought. You don’t want that do you?” Auntie Rain asked.

Moon thought about it, “No, I don’t,” moon replied.

Uncle Cloud and Auntie Rain said goodbye and continued on their way.

Moon continued his search for a playmate. Moon saw some stars dancing and twinkling in the distance. Some were bright and some were faint. Moon waved, jumped and yelled to get the stars attention, but they were much too far and busy playing to see or hear him. Moon sighed. Suddenly a streak of like caught his eye. It was a comet passing by.

Moon shouted to the comet. “Hi friend, do you want to play with me?”

The comet had a long glowing tail. “Sorry moon,” she shouted, “I’m on my way home and I must not be late” she said with out stopping or slowing down. “Maybe next time,” she said.

Once again, little moon was alone.

A bright glowing ball peeked around the earth. Moon smiled. It was Sun.

“Why do you look so sad little Moon?” sun asked.

“I’m bored and no one wants to play with me,” he said grumpily.

Sun chuckled, “Don’t be sad Little Moon,” he said, “I’m sure they want to play with you, perhaps they are a little busy with important work. We all have important jobs to do, even you little moon.”

“Really?” he asked. Little moon wasn’t so sure. “But what do I do that is so important?” he asked. “I don’t give heat, I’m not very bright, and I can’t help things grow; I’m just a boring little rock in the sky,” he said frowning causing one of his craters to deepen. “That’s why no one wants to play with me!” he pouted.

Sun smiled. “You are not boring at all. You are also very important. You reflect light from me and provide light for night travelers. You also cause the ocean tides to ebb and flow. That is especially important to many small sea plants and animals. You help the people keep track of time and seasons.”

“Hmm, I do all that?” Moon asked in awe.

“Yep,” said Sun, “you do all of that!”

Little moon smiled. He wasn’t so boring after all and he had an important job just like earth, sun, cloud and wind.

“Well, I’m still bored,” he said, “couldn’t you play with me just for a little bit,” he asked sun.

“Well, I guess I can stay for just a little bit,” sun chuckled.

And for a moment in time, little moon was as happy as any little moon could be.

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