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Monday, June 20, 2011

Character Clue: Nusa

Illustration and Writing Copyright © 2011 SN Taylor, All Rights Reserved

Naqabashi Warrior: Nusa

I’m no human, but even I know it is rude to sneak up behind someone and spy on her. Yes. I am talking to you there, peeking from around the door, hiding behind your wall of silence and cloak of secrecy. Come in. You have many thoughts on your mind and unless you spit them out of your human mouth, they will remain a loud turbulent storm crashing about in your head and mine. You have no idea how annoying that is for my kind and me. While you may not recognize the sensation of your roaming untrained thoughts, it is a cause of great mental disturbance for us. Yes, human, I am telepathic. I can read your thoughts, feelings and emotions even as you stand there behind the door. What am I? What rock do you live under? Have you not heard of my kind? Really, your inferior intellect is most taxing! There is not a warrior or space faring traveler who has not heard of the Naqabashi. Our battles are most historic and memorable, well; at least for us they are, we have lost nearly none. Stop trembling, and do come in. I’m not going to tear you apart, despite what may be rumored about us, Naqabashi are not THAT violent, unless of course you give us a reason. Be quick before I change my mind. I have never trusted humans, but you are different.

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