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Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Muse: Cavalia!!!

Cavalia was AMAZING!!!!! I was floored by the performance.

I loved horses. And I love the fact that the horses really were the stars of the show. They were beautiful and majestic. I am so sad we could not take pics during the performance. :(

I loved the music. The music was awesome, they had a live band to perform to :)

I loved performances. There were horse tricks and fancy horse riding like roman riding. There were acrobatics that were really nice, cute, and very talented. However, the performances I loved the most were the ones where the horses got to be free on the stage performing along side their human partners. I learned quite a few facts about the show and horses. For one, they only use male horses in their shows. The horses are well cared for and treated like rock stars. They get vacations between shows, massages, and so much more.

I loved that after the show, I got to go see the horses in their stables. :D Most of them were pretty busy eating to care for all their fans but it was fun watching them and their trainers care for them.
This here is one of two of the newest and youngest horses they have added to the show. At the beginning and end of the show, they let this young colt and his playmate out to play and entertain us for a little bit.
This is the only mini horse they had. He had all of one minute in the end of the show when all the horse came out riding pass us at lightning speed.
Poor horse, he was sleeping as his fans gathered around to look at him. The show must have worn him out.
 These horses did not let a few spectators disturb their meal time!!! :D
 FOOD!!! But look at the braiding on this horse :)
 Another one with great hair. I think the trainers braid their hair at night because it was not like this during the show.
 Horse getting his hair done. I'm so jealous!
 FINALLY!!! I got one to notice me and look at my camera! Another thing I was sad about, they would let us touch the horses :( I so wanted to pet him.
 Yay, another horse noticed me and looked at my camera. :D
 Horse and trainer.
 Some photo canvases they had on display
 More photos of the horses.
 One of the stable tents.
 Stable tents. I could not get the big top because of all the bright lights.

will try to upload the video later :(


Karen Strong said...

Thanks for sharing pics. I knew how excited you were to finally see the show. So glad you enjoyed it. :)

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

I couldn't get the video to work, but thanks for sharing the pictures! I love horses too, and would love to see Cavalia! I've been to see the Lipizzaner Stallions at Madison Square Garden, and that is a sight to behold! They are so beautiful!

Alleged Author said...

This sounds like a wonderful show! Now I so want to see it. :)

Heather said...

I would LOVE to see this show! I'm such a big horse-person! Thank you for sharing your experience with us so I kind of feel like I was there. :)

Ms Saba (aka Teacher007.5) said...

You would love it Heather!!! Simply fantastic!!

Ms Saba (aka Teacher007.5) said...

:) Thanks Karen. I really did enjoy it. Days later I'm thrilled :D

Ms Saba (aka Teacher007.5) said...

You HAVE to see it if you get a chance!!! I recommend the Horse Lovers seat, it's a little more expensive but soooooo worth it.

Ms Saba (aka Teacher007.5) said...

I'm so sad the video does not work :( will try to upload it again. I hope you get to see it Susanna, it is a wonderful experience!

Juliana L. Brandt said...

So beautiful! I haven't heard of this but am immediately googling it now. Thanks for sharing :)

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